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Vote YES on Measure E

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Measure E will be in the November 6th ballot. It's the renewal of existing local school funding which also creates an emergency local safety net of funding if the statewide Proposition 30, the Temporary Tax to Fund Education fails. Please support it for our kids and for our community!

Measure E passes with 68.9% (as of Nov. 7th, 3:53 a.m.)! Thank you for the support!


Measure E passed!

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Ways you can help:

  • VOTE!


Don’t overlook Measure E on the crowded November ballot.


The November ballot will be packed with national, state and local candidates as well as statewide propositions and local measures.  Of all of them, Measure E could have the biggest immediate impact on the quality of life in Davis but it will be located near the bottom of your ballot.  

Take some time in the next few weeks to learn about Measure E, the renewal of a parcel tax that will help save classes for Davis students, protect great educational programs and save teacher jobs.  Measure E protects education excellence. 

A "yes" vote is important.  

The state’s budget woes have been tough on Davis schools.  Even if Governor Brown’s  Proposition 30 passes, budget reductions are unavoidable, so Davis schools need your help. 

If Proposition 30 fails, Measure E provides a fall-back mechanism to prevent what would be devastating cuts.  But only if Measure E passes. 

Simply put, the state’s chronic structural deficit means that if we want good schools in Davis, and the good things that flow from them, including a strong community and resilient property values, we will have to take greater responsibility for funding our schools.   

People move to Davis for our schools, but we can’t take them for granted.  At this point, we need to start looking to ourselves to ensure that our public schools continue to be a driver of our strong community life. 


Reports by the Parcel Tax Citizen's Oversight Committee are available on the DJUSD website.





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